A unique concept of complementary minds merged together to provide solutions to your brand

We are Anchor

At Anchor, we believe digital marketing and sales as a service are equal parts to workmanship.

Sales, Events and Marketing

The Anchor Agency is different from most digital marketing and sales agencies. We are a team of result oriented individuals spread out over 4 departments and are about delivering results for our clients. We make brands more famous.
Our content generates millions worth of organic traffic, we get creative and find new exciting ways to squeeze every last drop of opportunity out of our client work.

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Our History

We started in 2016. Since then Anchor has built experience through frontier- ing sales for a number of companies and clients. Working with companies new and evolving, big or small; we purposed to understand what makes customers tick and from both viewpoints: our clients and the customers came up with the next big thing – SALES OUTSOURCING. We are inclined to seek out what works for all business to drive demand where we want it to be, since then our promise is to make business simpler.

Our Vision

To create the world’s largest demand driven market

Our Mission

To front satisfaction by pursuing customer interests and creating more sales experience for our clients

01 Sales

Ultimately, businesses seek to grow capital and there’s no better way than through maximizing sales. We are strategic in helping brands build customer loyalty and tell their story to the world. We provide you with dedicated sales associates to understand your craft. Having understood your business and built customer repertoire, we tailor a delivery method to increase your sales.


02 Marketing

Thinking competitive advantage? Our team is making history. We are thinking out of the box to get businesses into the market share of their line of craft. Through seamless analysis, creative production and disruptive strategies we utilize digital platforms, active engagement and interactive campaigns to build recognition, loyalty and take the reins on demand.


03 Events

We are into creating a balance by offering support from whichever angle events are perceived. This ranges from events marketing, events vending, ticketing solutions, organizing and management. Our goal is to achieve a smooth run over of events. We offer our clients a seat and take on the challenge to source from the best at the best price points in town.

Our Services.

01 Events
  • Experential Marketing
  • Corporate Events Management
  • Conference Management
  • Public Relations and Media Management
  • Complementary Venue Finding
  • Exhibition Management
  • 02 Sales Outsourcing
  • Sales Representatives
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Distributions
  • Sales Training and Consultation
  • 03 Content Development
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Digital Priting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Professional Photography and Videography
  • Consulting
  • 04 Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Consulting and Strategy Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Meet The Anchors.

    What They Are Saying

    The Anchor Agency provided us not only with the ultimate set of tools to accomplish effective Digital PR, SEO, And Social Media Services.They provided us with amazing customer service and an atmosphere that truly reflected how much they care about other brands' sucesses

    - Gerald, Ultimate Multimedia Consult
    The website they developed for us was easy to use right from the start. Within two weeks, we had the analytics functioning, our social media account synced and landing pages live.It is easy to use and intuitive. We were able to automate and complete our marketing tools easily

    - Hillary, St.Paul Chapel Gulu
    I spent weeks sourcing the internet for companies that offered a complete BPO service. After one call to Anchor, I interviewed several reps that fit my needs perfectly. We hired several reps. We also signed up for some of the sales coaching which was excellent.

    - Damba Marvin, Equity Bank