Sales Outsourcing

Over the past 4 years, the Anchor Agency has assisted over ten companies in improving their sales productivity. Your business may be looking to boost its sales efforts and grow more awareness of your products and services.

Sales outsourcing helps you assign some of your business tasks that can easily be managed by an independent entity, making operations easier for your business, as well as being able to give these tasks to someone more experienced than yourself. You will also save money, against hiring someone locally to do the same job – sometimes as much as 60%!

The important thing about outsourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.

The Anchor Sales Force is a passionate and experienced sales team that targets the needs, interests, and challenges of individuals who are interested as well as those making purchases of your products and services.

Providing Flexible Sales for Leading and Emerging Brands

Outsourcing sales business models provides greater accountability, analysis and dependable performance management. Payment largely depends on whether we successfully close deals with new clients and we are incentive to take greater accountability for the sales process as well as positions to bring forward new ideas that will continuously improve the results of our sales efforts. We meet contractual service level agreements and expectations, which are given to us.

Lower your cost of sales. Our outside sales teams are less expensive than onboarding and staffing field sales staff. Industry estimates reveal that each customer contact with an inside salesperson might cost a company $25 to $30 compared with $300 to $500 for a field salesperson, including travel expenses and company benefits. Outsourcing with Anchor enables sales leaders to slash overhead costs while expanding sales coverage.

We are unique because of our outstanding development of technologies that take advantage of digital marketing and direct sales beyond the internet. We know how to feel what our customers feel by getting inside a prospect’s skin.


Why Choose the Anchor Sales team

We enable brands draw on best practices and lessons learned from our vast experiences with other clients across multiple industries. This is extremely useful for picking up new ideas for sales techniques. Our sales reps have demonstrated experience in specific vertical industries.

First Meeting

Understanding your products or service features allows us to present their benefits accurately and persuasively.

  • Buyer personas
  • Product/ service demonstration
  • Campaign planning
  • Goal setting
  • In-Depth Product Discussion

    We can pinpoint what makes your business unique in this competitive world.

  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Product and FAQs
  • Competitor
  • Planning
  • Monthly Reporting

    We send daily, weekly and monthly reports, providing information about sales effected,business condition and competition.

  • Emails and Calls
  • Response Rate
  • Sales effected
  • Feedback
  • End of Campaign

    Our clients get the best results when they choose to partner with us. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 3 years.

  • Final Report
  • Feedback
  • Summary
  • Planning
  • Let's Talk Sales Now

    Our expertise is consistently increasing revenue for our clients by deploying custom tailored and fully trained sales and marketing teams

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